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Alarm Monitoring

24/7 Alarm Monitoring That Gives You A Peace Of Mind!



BEST Alarm MONITORING Services you can count on!

In the Northeast Ohio area, a reliable alarm system monitoring service is extremely important part of your home or business security system. In the event of an Emergency or break-in, quick response times by a dependable alarm monitoring service is very crucial. Carnation Security utilizes one of the largest and most trusted monitoring solutions in the country.  We provide dependable, 24-hour alarm monitoring coverage for your home or  business in Northeast Ohio. In the event of an alarm trigger, Carnation’s monitoring facility will immediately respond to the alarm by dispatching law enforcement or the fire department. With Carnation’s monitoring service, you can have peace-of-mind whether you are at home or away.

Carnation Security Alarm Monitoring Service Offers:

Fast Reliable Response Time
Cellular Connection
24 Hours 7 Days a Week
Affordable Pricing
UL-Certified Monitoring
Utilize Existing Equipment

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