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Resideo LTEM-XA LTE Cat M1 Communicator for VISTA

Resideo LTEM-XA LTE Cat M1 Communicator for VISTA, AT&T & Resideo LTEM-XV LTE Cat M1 Communicator for VISTA, Verizon

Resideo is focused on providing the best alarm communication solutions for the security industry. Alternative communication methods are critical in the marketplace due to VoIP, migration from POTS and the evolution of cellular networks. LTE Cat M1 is one of the latest LTE technologies. It is designed to support IoT solutions and offers some of the longest network longevity available.

The LTEM-XA / LTEM-XV easily connects to Resideo VISTA-15P, 20P, 21IP, 128BPT, and 250BPT control panels. All signals are delivered to the AlarmNet® Network Control Center, which routes the information to the appropriate central station. The state-of-the-art AlarmNet Network Control Center is fully redundant and monitored 24/7. AlarmNet can route messages using AlarmNet-i and 800 PLUS services, providing redundancy and multi-path message delivery.